A Bite Beyond Belief


When fencing by the creek these days I work in constant fear
of things that pack a deadly bite and leave their mark ‘round here.
I know, I’ve been a victim of excruciating pain,
but so you’ll understand first hand I’ll tell it once again.

We’d had our share of cuts and bumps though managed to survive
and mum was clued up on first aid and kept us all alive.
Some methods that she used back then have changed from year to year
as then she’d tell you, “Cut and suck should snakes latch on my dear!”

One Sunday arve a lightning strike had caused a gum to fall
which had us working there for hours, then nature made a call.
I’d found some scrub along the bank and hid behind the trees
while at this point I dropped my jeans around about my knees.

Then as I went to squat on down I felt the seething pain
that made me leap back up again with screams that were profane.
My fear then grew to greater heights for slith’ring out of sight
I saw the big old king brown’s tail. Did it inflict the bite?

The missus heard my frantic cries and saw my waving hands
then with her skills she found two wounds where sunlight seldom lands.
“Oh quick my love please cut and suck or I shall surely die,
but why she looked so hesitant I couldn’t figure why.

“You sure it was a snake?” she said, her face a ghastly white
“It’s not that I don’t care my love but are you sure you’re right?”
“I saw it love, a great king brown, I saw it just down there,
so do your thing and cut and suck and show me that you care.

She looked to where I pointed at, surveying all she saw
though still she would not cut and suck. I thought I’d die for sure.
Then suddenly she gave a sigh and smile with great relief,
I’d backed onto a boxthorn bush, a bite beyond belief.

From the book Laughter and Tears From the Bush


6 replies on “A Bite Beyond Belief”

Hi Merv

Indeed, a very scary experience and a painful one but what a relief. I like the clever wit and the voice in this poem. You surely do know how to tell a story. I really enjoyed this one! Thanks for sharing.

My best


G’day Wendy. You never quite know what life might present living in the bush and how o0ne has to improvise the best they can. Sometimes it’s just being astute to other causes that saves the day too. Hope you are keeping well.


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