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Bright Star


Bright Star,
you’ve got these abilities
which always amaze.

You rise over rooftops
in the east covering a
world in all directions.

You highlight moments,
meticulously managing light.

You place star shine on tips
of arching blades in lawn’s
newly-found, growing greens.

You outline breeze-teased leaves
on branches in boldfaced glow.
Spring’s timid, first blooms lean
lightweight petals toward you
in their willingly extending bends.

You warn last season’s chilly winds
that springtime’s comforting warmth
is truly on its way as promised by May.

You give no rights to last night’s darkness,
nor to woes of a held-captive yesterday.
Bright Star, rise over rooftops
in my hibernating heart. Help me to see
times of refreshing renewal, a new, new start.

“even on no holiday there’s celebration in the heartbeat of fleeting time.” -Jantanleo



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I think that bright star you write about must get it’s light from your heart.
You have a beautiful way of seeing with a joyful eye. Even that effervescence
must sometimes rest, but that quiet time is just a renewing of the muse.
Speaking of Muse, not only was Calliope on your shoulder when you wrote this
but Polymnia was there when you took that awesome photograph. Gorgeous!

btw because there are so many differing accounts of which muse is which…here
is what I used:

Polymnia, all painting is somehow sacred, celebrates vision; her name means “many hymns,” but is not exclusively sacred, it also means “many songs of praise,” “many paeans,” “many expressions of joy.” That’s painting to me. Drawing as an aspect of painting is clear, but also photography is, I believe, indeed photo-graph-y, i.e. “drawing with light,” thus a form of painting.

Clio, sculpture was originally born of works of commemoration, seeking “monumental presence.” A solid remembrance, related to Mneme, the unnamed precursor of the Muses, the Muse/goddess of memory. Clio’s name is from the root meaning “recount” or “make famous”.

Melpomene, because tragedy is clearly now the queen of drama. There is an enduring tradition of paintings of famous actresses posed as Melpomene.

Urania, ” heavenly measure,” mathematics embodied, is now more architecture than astronomy.

Euterpe, she keeps her original job, which was one of the few rather fixed points, and her name means rejoicing/singing well, singing with delight, to please well.

Terpsichore, she too keeps her traditional assignment, and her name fits it well (“delight of dancing”).

Calliope, because literature, whose queen is nowadays the novel, was all born of poetry; “beautiful-voiced,” “beautiful speaking.”.

Erato, well, you know — love stories, eroticism, reigns in movies; even the fact that “eros” implies a more superficial form of love seems appropriate; one of her sites was a pilgrimage place for star-crossed lovers in ancient times; her name means something close to “lovely.”
Thalia, (meaning “blooming,” “flourishing,” the amused muse), because the term for comics in most languages (incl. comics, funnies, manga, etc.) is a form of “comic story” or “amusing art.”

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Thank you, Sarah, my writing friend through the years, for stopping in here. I’ve been in meetings throughout this work day with teaching times wedged in between the hours. Reading this was a delightful romp through your words; they lifted me to another realm of learning–that joyful romp with the imagination. I will return to reread your tidbits of information in your reply/response to this poem. Interesting stuff for sure. I love how learners are drawn to text no matter what age or stage we’re in. While watching young readers & writers (age 7ish) in a 2nd grade classroom, I see that very thing firsthand on an elementary level. It’s always amazing to me to see how they are drawn to texts & images. And with me they will be drawn to the arts, including poetry. And music. And lyrics. And illustrating. And lots of writing. Oh, yes, I am misusing the word “and” here. Let that writing license flex a bit. That touches something important–a bit of freedom to express. 🙂
It’s early. 3AMish. I got up to use the bathroom, & on the way back to bed, I stopped in here. I’m glad I did. Now let’s get a few more Zzzzzzzzzzzs. Take care, S.



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