Lighthouse Guardian Companion


lighthouse of my soul
– – keeper of my heart
– – – – true love of my life
beacon on my stormy seas
– – sole guardian of my hopes
– – – – companion of all my days
give me peace of mind
– – calm my worried fears
– – – – stay close by my side
guide me surely through turmoil
– – show me the future’s bright light
– – – – accompany me onward
provide safe harbor at day’s end
– – love me as long as we live
– – – – for I will love you always

* * * * * * * *

I have always loved to work with forms in poetry and tinkering with those forms. This is one of my tinkerings; a Treble Tanka. The entire poem has the Tanka form, except each line is tripled; there are three five-syllable lines followed by three seven-syllable lines and so forth.

In addition to reading the entire work as one poem, each Tanka may be read separately as indicated by the number of dashes in front of each line. The titles are: Lighthouse (no dashes), Guardian (two dashes) and Companion (four dashes). So that’s four poems in one, right?

Not so fast; these are also set up to be read in pairs (Dual Tanka). The pairings are as follows: Lighthouse Guardian, Guardian Companion, and Lighthouse Companion. That makes seven poems in one.

You can relax now – I’m done.

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