Photography poetry



Got special parts of my heart

Called Child, Child, Child

These special parts of my heart

Always make me smile


Love for these children

Forever and always will be

Pleasures, life’s treasures,

Best parts of me







5 replies on “Trio”


Your soul is showing in this poem.
It is a beauty to behold. I feel sure
I must have told you that before about
other poems. I just can’t think of truer words
to thank you for this joys from your pen.


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Thank you, Sarah.

I received a message from WordPress today—I’ve been on the blog for 2 years! 2 years? Whaaaaat?

I quickly scrolled through some collections & selected a poem reflecting happiness—ah, one about my 3 children—3 special loves—to share the joy I feel in expressing my writing here at The Pub. Writing brings joy. I’m happy to share here. I’m blessed & grateful. And aware.


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I have fond memories of our old Pub. We’re all adjusting to the blog Pub home I think—even after 2 years. I’m grateful for both places which allow our sharing. That’s an important thing.


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