The Schizophrenic Muse In A Motel Room

motel room

Both of them slept here or should I say

slipped out — and surveyed every inch

of the room, dizzy from all the knotty pine, watching

the screen blizzard on an old TV. Even


feeling the wind wrap around the skirts

of Camille Monet ( a framed print) as she stood on the hill

looking down at something familiar. Her green parasol

veined, backlit by the sun and diminishing glare.


And at some point, they began to quarrel

over what she viewed. The sea with a fishing village

or simply a house in the field — where a slight woman faltered

in shadow across its upstairs curtains.


They were split on focus, on how to approach

this sudden poem. One self against the other,

one side of the mattress stained, sunken with fatigue —

the other cleaner, closer to the incoming light.


Note — The photo is by photographer,Ray Laskowitz.


5 replies on “The Schizophrenic Muse In A Motel Room”

“One self against the other,

one side of the mattress stained, sunken with fatigue —

the other cleaner, closer to the incoming light.”


That is a vivid picture of the division within one’s self.

I particularly like that you ended with ‘closer to the incoming light’.
It lends a note of hope. It also causes the reader to feel the light.

This poem led me to spend time with Monet’s collection of Camille
paintings. What a pleasure. Thank you!



Hi Sarah

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my poem and look up the painting. I think the source of inspiration within us, the muse, can conflict on a theme, choice of wording, which route to take, safe or one that begs for risk. In this case, the side of the self that wanted to be less traditional, avoiding cliche and trying to come closer to a cleaner, newer approach to the experience referenced in the poet’s mind. Sometimes, within my self, I struggle with which way I should go, what I really see or want to see. That I think is part of the process of writing and in the long run, the uncertainty and determination to define the idea or theme in a certain light is worth it. It makes for a better or more enriched result. Having said all that, again, I thank you so much for your continual support and interest in my poetry. It means so much!!!

Hi Billl

Thanks for stopping by to read and contemplate my work!.I am glad you enjoyed its contents and sincerely appreciate your kind words and thoughtful consideration.

My Best


Muse aside; this is a perfect capture of the Yin/Yang of our lives. Those two halves that supposedly complete out wholeness; but in reality mean we are in a constant state of flux; ever seeking to balance the shade and light within; sometimes succeeding, though often we do not.

An interesting poem indeed.



As always Douglaus

Your keen and thoughtful perspective is very much appreciated! And yes, I agree we are always in as state of flux, with different ideas, motives, nuances and other things competing to prevail. Again, thank you!

My Best


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