Photography poetry

Java Joy

While basking in freed moments
on Saturday and Sunday mornings,
often I watch how coffee and cream mix
in day’s first cup of  french-pressed brew.

The quick interchange of colors from dark to light
is magical and mystical, a celebration to beginnings.
In a rush, steam from liquid’s silky surface emerges.
I catch spirit dancers, in mist, swirling above my mug.

Before it all disappears, I catch something else-
how important moments of resurrection are.



3 replies on “Java Joy”


Wow, that is some tasty cyber coffee you share this morning.
I can feel the warmth of the cup, as the steam rises in peaceful
meditation. You do know how to begin the day! Not only do you
give us a great visual, you awaken all the senses with this
aromatic offering.



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Hello, Sarah.

Here’s to shared Saturday cyber coffee! (clink, clink)
Mine is vanilla-flavored this AM. Yum. Enjoy a beautiful day—that’s the plan.


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