lexiconing hope2    This is not Sandro’s Primavera

except for her scalp

of golden light. A hum

of kind wind

kidnapping her ears.


It’s May 1st

and Spring listens in her shawl

woven of dandelion ash

and her shoes

wrought of mushroom leather


as the tree sheds some of its bark

trailing thread

and the scent of moist wood.


Birds who’ve come back to nest

could darn the frayed edge

with their beaks;

and what’s left of its loosened weave

mingles leaf and sap stain , feather wisp & thistle hair

insect wing & shell.


Whatever clings or digs

into its fabric. An all together skin

harboring what has migrated

or molted here

in the moment. The tree


more protective (she thinks)

than the stone wall on which she leans —

even though

its branches overlap two fields. One strewn

with fewer flowers


and brown spaces lacking the promise

of sprouting any green.


5 replies on “Premiere”


How beautifully you personify Spring.

“It’s May 1st

and Spring listens in her shawl

woven of dandelion ash

and her shoes

wrought of mushroom leather”

Those words awaken all the senses, and make me want to walk
barefoot in a mossy forest or on a velvet lawn.

there are so many Bon Mots in this poem. I’m running really late,
but will return to pilfer some gems for that forum.

What a joy!




You , yourself, are such a joy ! You not only bring your own beautiful and inspiring poetry to this community but you encourage us with your perspective, support and friendship. It not only means a lot to me as your friend and poetic peer, but also as a writer. You really do help to keep me confident and inspired. Thank you so much for all you do. I am delighted you enjoyed this poem and deeply appreciate your keen and wonderful comments.!

Take care,
My Best always


This is absolutely lovely Wendy… spring is dancing in on tip toe in every image you have painted with your words.




Spring has this effect; brings out the beauty within us. Of all the seasons, it inspires, and here Wendy, you paint those brown spaces with rich, new green colour and define the season with such wonderful artistry.



Dear Maryse and Douglaus

Thank you both so much for reading and commenting on this poem!! I am so glad you enjoyed my rendition of Spring! Your lovely comments and insight are deeply appreciated!

Take care,
my best


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