My Muse

I sit outside myself

Watching me do my tasks

My poetry muse has left home

She has become lazy and complacent

I have made her jealous

Broke her heart

She watches me draw and paint


She is sad and feeling alone

Will not accept my apology


Today I try to bring her back

I will paint her spirit

Lay her on canvas

In swirling colors bright

Lure her back to me

Painting my poetry muse

With a brush of words and strokes

Please come home

2 replies on “My Muse”

Hi Deb

So good to hear you are painting again; and love, love the way you personify the muse. They are temperamental and stubborn and sometimes only offer inspiration at random, in their own good time and will. But you have generously offered to “paint her” and hopefully she will come home and your artwork will make a difference. Again, this is delightful! Thanks so much for sharing it!

My Best,


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