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Joyful Melody

The joyful melody
outside a darkened window
at dawn delivers a love song
carried by winds to a vast sky.

Even in January’s coldest cold
the message is bold, never old.





If one can muster the melody—


for the day is new. Darkness is done.
Morning, Oh morning, has come.
Morning, Oh morning, has come.




8 replies on “Joyful Melody”

Hi Jan

What a delight to read and imagine! I have heard such birds in the middle of a New Y ork Winter and yes, they do bring joy and a reminder the day is new and should be celebrated as should life! Lovely words and particularly, the echoing effect.

Thank you for sharing
my best

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Thanks, Wendy, for your encouraging comments. I love to watch/hear birds. It’s truly delightful to hear their chirps before daybreak. It’s like nature’s alarm clock is outside.



Hello, Douglas,

I hope life is treating you well these days. We, in the southeast, have had some kind of winter weather this year! Brrr, we get to actually use that favorite sweater or heavy coat! 🙂 I hope you’re doing well. Thanks for reading here & replying.

Yes, spring is soon. It’s a shared hope.



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