I Write Therefore I Am

I write therefore I am


I write, therefore I am

everywhere –passing through a keyhole

or looking glass

into corners and characters

I’m just beginning to know, possess.


I write, therefore I am

the shadow of an idea,

dream or experience

that stains barriers with change

inspiring a few

to unlatch their gate, open their shutters.


I write, therefore I am

the progeny of every woman

in an oil painting who holds

a plume, a book or vellum fan

of letters. The lace of her sleeve

intricate as the language

she cultivates into a voice. A voice

that ripens into a vineyard.

5 replies on “I Write Therefore I Am”

Love the idea of passing through keyholes
into corners and characters.

Wonderful imagery in the last four lines.

A pleasure to read.
Take care,


Dear Sarah, Kerri, Kallie and Mark

Your kind words toward this poem are so deeply appreciated. I am glad you enjoyed it and always deeply appreciate your interest in my work and your perspective!

Take care,
my best


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