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Mingo Swamp’s Winter Art Show

                                       (where poetry and photography say hello)

Nature forms images with ice at the edge of Mingo Swamp.
When the winter sun weaves through Cypress and Hickory,

I layer warm clothes, tuck in a thermos and camera
To spend an hour in Nature’s ephemeral ice show.
Bright white patches of ice, like crumpled fist-thrown paper,
Sit on the forest floor at the base of dried Crownbeard.
Threading through leaf litter,
stopping to remove a misplaced twig,
I’m in Her gallery:
angel wings, winking owl,
rosebud, bow, ribbon candy,
donut, cup and saucer,
question mark, and heart.
Pictures must be taken, not the time to tarry.
Frozen sculptures soften in the sun;
Gallery closes when the ice melts.






4 replies on “Mingo Swamp’s Winter Art Show”

I wish there could be a LOVE tag. You’d get one with your recent Ice writings. You, dear, are delightful as readers romp right along with you in the amazing Mingo Woods. What a wonderful place Mingo is. Thank you for posting on the blog. This reader has been skimming the blog’s pages looking for you lately. Now you’re found. Take care.


You transported me there. A picture perfect scene with quite exquisite imagery.

This is nature’s ever changing gallery writ large.



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