Challenge poetry

10 words (November)

these 10 words are taken from page 40 of “The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations”

they bought man simple could shelter high rest wood boy

try to use them all.


My version

I built a shelter high in a tree

A simple place of wood and twine

A castle though to my boys mind

Or a pirate ship out at sea.


I bought a house of brick and stone

A place to grow, a place to rest

It is filled with love, a noisy nest

The fitting home for a man full grown


I shall build a shelter out on a limb

For my children to live their dreams

I wish that I could share their schemes

But they won’t let me in.


5 replies on “10 words (November)”

Trees Stand Tall; Plastic Falls

They bought man
with marketing,
TV glitz and glamor;
Our plastic altars fall;
tall trees are born of wood.

Man, woman, boy and girl
take rest from that neon world,
Find shelter in the simple things,
high above the slings and arrows
of the daily grind.

Even now,
deluged by technology,
You could find peace,
Truth exceeds mythology,
Only God can make a tree*.

*with thanks to Joyce Kilmer for the last line…

10 words used: they, bought, man, wood, boy, rest, shelter, simple, high, could


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