In the house

there were no furnishings

to seat her,

no ripe fruit or fresh milk

to feed her,


no dry kindling or coal

to heat her.


Only green sticks

that would not burn,


a shawl

unwoven by moths,


a wicker cage

with two birds who bitched

and would not sing.


So in a scatter

of bitter words

I told her to leave

and unlocked the door.


Yet, after I closed it

light burned through the frame

on an overcast day;


and for some reason

with her back to the sky,

her hair falling in flame-

she lingered.

6 replies on “Optimism”

“with her back to the sky,

her hair falling in flame-

she lingered.”


Poignant! and yet the birds add a touch of humor. Your poem is so real to life and life is both tears
and smiles. It is crafted with impeccable weave. I love the title. I love the close. I love the poem!


BTW..the quote mentioned is now in Bon Mots


one of the birds lives with me but I think my other one levels out the effect. Optimism lives in my home most of the time but oh yes there have been days when I too have shown her the door.
What a great piece of writing Wendy. Thank you for sharing this.


Dear Sarah, Ely and Douglaus

Thank you all so much for reading and commenting on this poem!! I deeply value your insight and interest in this piece! As always, your insight and continual interest in my work continues to inspire and touch me dee\ply!!

Again thank you!!

P.S. Sarah, I am greatly honored and humbled that my work is made “Bon Mots”! A big thank you and so much appreciation for it!!

Take care
My Best


I found it intriguing that the speaker unlocked the door.

It brought to mind the woman there may be
a muse, or a memory, or optimism itself.
Something behind a locked door of the mind.
And the speaker unlocks the door.
So hope can go.

Yet, light comes in through the window frame
on an overcast day. (Cloudy days of life)

And the hope, the ideal lingers.
Even in the darkest of times.

It brings to mind the strength of the human spirit.

Take care, Sweet Wendy.


Hi Kerri

Thank you so much for this beautiful and keen interpretation of the poem!! I love your thought flow here and deeply appreciate how you have taken such time and applied such keen perception to this piece. As always, it’s so good hearing from you. Hope all my dear friend is well with you and yours!

Have a wonderful and blessed holiday with your family!
Take care,


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