Two Moons

for MSS

The day the second moon appeared at Alderley
the earth shuddered, assuming the new balance.

Some drew their shades and tallied their crimes,
hiding their scent lest it call down some beast.

Some became dumb in new moonlight, gaping
as they do chancing upon any novelty.

Some analysed the pros, some analysed the cons,
some sent expeditionary forces.

And some, considering the moons and how they shone
brighter by each other’s side, turned back to the earth

and to their shadows, now twinned yet paler
but for one spot, one sea for each sailor,

one solitude, primordial as birth,
where any two moons may go, and have gone.

3 replies on “Two Moons”


Your poem speaks to me of the connection between two poets, a connection that cannot be broken
by the width and depth of the sea.. There is something sacred about such ties.

On a less sacred note, when I first began to read the poem I thought it might be double speak about
web sites and such, but this feels like so much more than that. I tip my hat to both Marks, and to this
tribute to an enduring friendship.


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And the dear friend is humbled and joyed to be associated with such a beautiful poem. Back at you, my dear friend. Now I must poem one of the several I’ve dedicated to you . . . if I haven’t already done so here.

I trust you are enjoying the approach of summer down under? 🙂


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