If the rain fell lavender today
it would bring you back
arms full of blossoms
sweet scented with love
that silly way you had of saying
I love you that needed no words.
I’m sure I heard you laugh today
just as the rain began to fall.

You gave tiny bunches of violets
sweet scented hyacinths, lilacs
a lavender fine china cat
for no reason other than love.

Lilacs were blooming
when you let go of my hand.
I won’t be far you said.
Each spring lavender sings of you.

11 replies on “Lavender”


Exquisite beauty always makes me cry. I’m charging you for tissues!

Your poem is tender and lovely and so very poetic. For some reason it
makes me remember the music boxes that he used to bring home to you.
Thank you for sharing this piece of your heart.



Thanks Sarah, for sure those music boxes keep his memory close. Often I wind all of them up at the same time. Beautiful music. Dee


Hi Dee

Such a gorgeous and poignant poem, one that beautifully explores the scent and the sentiment of “lavender”. Often, we associate memories of our loved ones with tender moments, tokens of an experience or place or certain habits that showed their love and caring. I can relate to the flowers and the beauty of that endearing action. This one haunts in such a tender and reverent way. Thank you for sharing this!

So much enjoyed,


So moving, Dee.

“Lilacs were blooming
when you let go of my hand.
I won’t be far you said.”

I can picture a loved one dying,
but letting the speaker know
the loved one will never be far away,
will always be near.

I personally feel that they are near.
Love is so powerful and lasts long after
we leave this earth, our human bodies.


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