Republic Day – September/24/1976

Today we celebrate Republic Day,

Our total severing from foreign rule,

Our citizens now had the final say,

With this the latest political tool

We had entered fully into the fray,

With piranhas and goldfish in one pool.

What happened to the dreams we held so dear?

Most have vanished like smoke into thin air.


8 replies on “Republic Day – September/24/1976”

“With piranhas and goldfish in one pool.”


That is such a vivid summation of the world situation.

It is a day to celebrate and your poem does that so well.

I lift my glass to Trinidad and to Peace for every being on this planet.



Hi Maryse

How powerfully you capture the “state of things” in your beautiful country on the brink of its celebration. You ask questions of what happened to the dream, the belief in it and that is happening in other governments as well. It is such a sad statement on the condition of freedom and those in charge. But your poem speaks of this timely issue with truth and grace.

I wish you and your country
peace, stability and a revival of the dream!

Take care


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