My Own Personal Charlottesville

I am afraid. 
Tomorrow I may be too afraid to go outdoors. 
There is madness in the air. 
I hate to say this but perhaps we need a war. 
A Great Depression.
An American, monstrous tsunami hitting LA and NY. 
A Korean Missile bull’s eye on the Capitol.
The Chinese to invoke their IOUs.
The stock market to crash.
Seth Rich’s laptop.
The Awan brothers spilling the goods. 
Aliens capturing a Pentagon drone.
The Russians hacking into the bowels of Facebook.
A big, big enema.
The closing down of every Chick-fil-A.
The banning of drive-in windows.
The abolition of cable. 
A free press. 
Motorcyclists for Hillary. 
A Bernie rally. 
An Antifa urine pistol.
Confederate boxer shorts.
Another pair of Confederate boxer shorts. 
A statue of Forest Gump.
The American Flag again on tv after hours. 
A good $100 cigar. 
The driverless car.
A cell phone that brushes your teeth.
A moon tv.
Sunday newspapers and ink on your hands. 
A game of cards.
AM radio. 
Comic books with submarine ads. 
BB guns. 
A total solar eclipse. 
Never mind. 

8 replies on “My Own Personal Charlottesville”

Mark, I see myself in many of your lines. We are in such a troubled state of confusion, all around. If more people wrote it out, perhaps fewer would be marching out and knocking out. Thank you, though in places I feel your fear. Humor, such as “a cell phone that brushes your teeth,” refreshes. I will read it aloud to my husband and a few friends. Ptc


“There will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph and self abasement; and always there will be the intoxication of power. The thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy that is helpless.”

It would be interesting listening in to a conversation between you and George Orwell; well, fascinating actually. :))


Hi Mark

I think you have done a great job here with keen wit and sharp truth about the way many Americans, including myself, are feeling right now about these uncertain times. Nothing feels safe or makes sense. And with your details and list of what might be needed, you capture this situation perfectly. I like the interjected humor with “cell phone that brushes your teeth” and “aliens capturing a Pentagon dome”, it helps to underscore the serious absurdity of these political and changing times. And those lines “Never mind/Never./Mind. proposes a double message. First I think of “Why bother” nothing can fix the situation and then I think of how society has lost is losing its mind and there can “never” be a “mind” or rational intelligence to figure this thing out, to compromise or reach a reasonable solution. Thank you for sharing this, a most enjoyable read!

My Best


Key word – Tomorrow.

I probably won’t live long enough to see the total annihilation of the America I know, but to the “base” of

misinformed or uninformed or morally deprived that this “Make Fascism Great Again” reality show is attempting to

keep up the ratings with – please turn off your sets – I have grandchildren and you are the problem.


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Me too.

BTW I started to read Crane’s bio and as I began to read, I realized
I had it on my bookshelf from the last time I had been told of it.
I am going to start putting my poetry books in order so I know what I
have! : )


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