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A Dozen Questions


His sparkling blue eyes
settle in a faraway stare,
His blonde, bouncy hair is still
while little hands cup his chin.
He begins to speak
about Granddaddy.

“Mom, what did he say
when he was alive?
What did he talk about?
What did he like to do?
At his pond did he fish with me?
Did he play with me?
What did I say to him?
How did he die?
Cancer, what is that, Mom?
If he breathed on somebody,
would they get it?
Did he take medicine?
Like my pink medicine?
Why didn’t it make him well?”

With my young son,
I join faraway stares.
His hands on his chin. Still.
My hands cupped in my lap
I hold nothing, nothing but air.

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“holding nothing but air”…I am holding one cupped hand now and thinking. Isn’t it great how words can affect us? Thank you for the child’s 12 questions. (Yes, I counted them.) And for your not trying to answer them.

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This one goes from eye to heart leaving a mist at its entry point.
How innocent the questions of that young son/grandson. How
they reflect the most basic instincts of trying to grasp the magnitude
of such a life and such a loss.

You show us the pain and the joy, and the deep love that lives forever.

Your poem is unique and lovely and it leaves a huge impact on this reader.

Thank you,

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Ptc and Sarah,
Thank you for reading my poem and leaving feedback. This was based on an actual conversation I had with my young son many years ago. His questions were immediate as we sat in the car waiting for his two sisters to finish their piano lessons with Mrs. Linda in her home. We were sitting & talking in the car in the driveway. I’ll never forget how that child stared at the sky, cupped his chin, and inquired; I’ll never forget the innocent questions. I’ll never forget how hushed I was…well, we were. (I did script the details as soon as I arrived home & posed the memory as it is. This, of course, is an oldie from my writing files.)


It’s nice to see you at WordPress, Maryse. It reminds me of our ol’ days at The Peaceful Pub. Thank you for reading & taking time here.


Hi Jan,

Have been here from the get-go but between settling in our new home, having computer woes and streams of visitors, I have been slow on the draw.🙂

All best,


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A good number of years ago now, I was asked those self same questions and I am so very glad you have voiced the same feeling I had.

Some questions of course, need no answer.


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